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Our wide network in the region enables us to accommodate the needs of our institutional clients be they banks, central banks or non-bank FI’s (excluding insurance companies). Given our history in the region, we are well positioned to cater to any queries and/or services that our clients require both efficiently and promptly. Our institutional banking business is organized geographically and structured accordingly. Coverage teams are situated throughout the region with the collaboration of coverage teams in Asia Pacific as well as Europe and under the umbrella of a centralized Head Office function in Jordan. This allows our teams to provide our clients with customized services under an overarching objective of serving them to the best of our ability and while focusing on core relationship management.

The scope of services we offer to our institutional clients and which includes international transaction banking services, entails the following:    

  • Correspondent banking services
  • Global Trade Finance: 
  • Letters of Credit confirmation
  • Letters of Guarantee / Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) 
  • Discounting of acceptances and avalised bills of collection
  • Risk participations
  • Relationship Management
  • Introduction to our branches / business lines for project finance, working capital finance, corporate cash management solutions and/or treasury requirements

Should you wish for an introduction, please contact us on: Admin.Office@Arabbank.com.jo

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