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Private Banking Services of Arab Bank Group is offered via Arab Bank Switzerland (Ltd.):

Arab Bank ( Switzerland) Ltd. is considered the Private Banking arm for Arab Bank Group in providing products and services related to Wealth Management.

For over 55 years, Arab Bank ( Switzerland) Ltd. has been catering to its client’s base in the Middle East North Africa ( MENA ) region by providing best of international practices  in wealth management.

 Arab  Bank ( Switzerland ) Ltd. and Arab Bank plc are separate legal entities and both are considered sister companies, as both  banks have identical shareholders.

Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is  a member of the Swiss Banking Association and the Bank is regulated by the  Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Arab Bank (Switzerland ) Ltd. provides the following services to its clients:

  • Wealth Management: Private Banking, Financial Planning , Trust  services, Lombard loans  and Real Estate Mortgages.
  • Investment Advisory Services: Investment Advisory provides value-added services, and it is dedicated to active High Net Worth clients, and to institutions such as Family Offices.
  • Investment Management: the Investment management team specializes in wealth management for private and institutional clients on a mandate basis.  The Discretionary mandates offer customized investment solutions underpinned by the Bank’s research-based investment process. It covers wide range of asset classes such as International Bonds , International Stocks , Commodities and Alternative Investments.  The discretionary mandates include: Classic Mandate, Specific Mandate, Absolute Return Mandate, and Islamic Oriented Mandate.
  • Treasury and Foreign Exchange: Money Markets instruments, Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals trading, International Securities trading, Yield enhancement instruments and Fiduciary deposit service.
  • Trade  Finance