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Because we see in you the proactive spirit and creativity and believe in what you can accomplish, we designed “Shabab” Program with a host of features that suit your lifestyle and accompany you throughout the journey you are aspiring for.

Shabab Program main benefits:

  • Shabab Debit Card with no monthly fees. Use your Shabab Visa Electron card for your purchases to benefit from discounts. 
  • Free Internet Shopping card to facilitate all your online shopping transactions securely 
  • Free Internet Banking Service banking (Arabi Online) to keep you in control of your finances from anywhere and at any time 
  • Free 24/7 Phone Banking Service (Hala Arabi) to answer your immediate needs 
  • Free SMS alerts service to keep you updated on your account transactions 
  • No minimum account opening or balance fees 

* This program is only available in Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt
** Programs parameters could differ from country to another.
    Terms and conditions apply.