Arab Bank’s ‘Together’ Supports to Open the Gates for Volunteers

09 Mar, 2010 to Promote Social Development through Volunteerism

As part of its ongoing Corporate and Social Responsibility program, Together, Arab Bank sponsored the launch of, which is a website designed to promote the spirit of volunteerism by connecting volunteers with each other, making participation and communication easier and more convenient using its online-platform. The website also allows volunteers to share their stories and experiences “Volunteerism is not only an essential element which we focus on as part of our Together program, but also an area which is important to the public as it brings the community closer together. Sponsoring the launch of Nakhweh’s website is a natural fit and stands with the same principals that our Together program stands for,” said Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding at Arab Bank.

Mr. Kamel Asmar who co-founded Nakhweh along with Mr. Hadi Nasereddin, said, “Our website allows volunteers to interact with each other and share their success stories.” Mr. Asmar then added, “We are appreciative of Arab Bank’s support and we know that social development is a subject dear to their hearts, as well as ours, making this sponsorship befitting.”

Arab Bank has recently opened its banking channels for donations to the five non-profit organizations under the Together program, and gave employees volunteering opportunities in an effort to support the community by contributing to major non-profit organizations covering different areas of healthcare, nature conservation, orphaned youth, education improvement and fighting poverty.

Established in 1930, Arab Bank, the first private sector financial institution in the Arab World, is headquartered in Amman, Jordan. It is ranked amongst the largest international financial institutions, with ratings of (A3) by Moody’s and (A-) by both S&P and Fitch. In 2009, Arab Bank Group achieved a pre-tax profit of US $782.8 million; total assets reached US $50.6 billion, while shareholders' equity rose to US $8.1 billion. Arab Bank has an unmatched global Arab branch network with over 500 branches spanning five continents, and locations in key financial markets and centers such as London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney and Bahrain.