Arab Bank Together with INJAZ Give Students a Look into the Professional World

01 Mar, 2010

Students from Jabal Al Nasser area visited the Arab Bank headquarters for a job-shadowing experience last week. As part of Arab Bank’s Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) program, Together, and in coordination with INJAZ in implementing its annual program (Job Shadowing ), this one-day event gave the public school students the opportunity to “shadow”, or follow an Arab Bank employee during the course of a regular business-day.

The goal of the Job Shadowing Program is for students to have a closer look at what the shadowed job entails and to give them enough information and insight for them to decide on their future career.

Twenty Arab Bank employees participated in giving the students an inside look into their daily routines. The students were introduced to the fields of information technology, consumer banking, human resources, procurement and operations, to name a few.

According to Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding at Arab Bank, who commented about the importance of this activity, “This is a unique experience for the students because they can connect what they have learned in the classroom and see it being applied first-hand and in the process helping them better decide what career path they want to follow.”

This job shadowing also works as an introduction to careers and to help the students make a connection between learning and earning. This activity brings the relevance of schoolwork into perspective, highlights necessary workplace skills and stresses the value of teamwork.

“Arab Bank has a history of supporting education, and with the Together program, we are increasing our involvement directly with students such as those that are part of INJAZ,” Ms. Shoman elaborated. “When we first signed the agreement with INJAZ , twelve employees visited the schools and gave a series of courses; and with the same hospitality the students showed us when we entered their classrooms, we welcomed them into our offices.”

INJAZ is a national non-profit organization funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development - USAID. INJAZ offers various programs to school, university and community college students across the country to inspire and prepare them to become productive members of their society and succeed in a global economy.