From Start to Finish, Arab Bank Family Ran Together for the Better during the Amman International Marathon

21 Oct, 2009

Over 12,000 people participated in the Amman International Marathon on Saturday, October 17, and many more came out to witness the spectacle in downtown Amman. As strategic partners in the race, 700 Arab Bank employees, friends and family, of which approximately 100 were Al Aman Fund students and staff, attended in support of this event and what it stands for: the power of the community and the importance of supporting it.

Several non-profits, such as King Hussein Cancer Foundation, The Society for Care of Neurological Patients and Al Aman fund benefited from the support of all the participants. This event parallels Arab Bank’s Together program, which emphasizes people working together for the betterment of the community.

According to Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding, “This was quite the opportunity, an event with the same goals, and the same means to achieve these goals as our (Arab Bank) Together program, it was only fitting to be a part of this event.”

“Additionally, we are happy to announce that for every participant who ran under our Together program, we will be donating JOD 5 to be divided equally between each of our partner organizations under Together,” she added. Three Jordanian professional runners participated under the Arab Bank name and one of them placed first in the 42 KM and another in the 10KM race amongst Jordanians. Both will receive special awards from Arab Bank on top of what they received from the marathon.

Together’s five organizations are: Madrasati, Al Aman Fund, King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Tkiyet Um Ali and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, each of which covers a major area of interest: Training and education, orphans, health, poverty and hunger, and the environment.

Through its program, Together, Arab Bank aims to promote collaboration, volunteerism and citizenship. Together’s mission is to continuously support, participate in and contribute to the advancement and well-being of our community. Through cooperation with different non-profit organizations which cover areas ranging from education to the environment, the Together program is a structured and sustainable approach to corporate social responsibility.

Ms. Shoman added, “On behalf of Arab Bank, I would like to thank everyone who participated, volunteered, organized and supported this event. To witness the spirit of 12,000 people, all of them supporting the community, is moving and a prelude to the success of Jordan working together for the better.”