Arab Bank's diversity is not only reflected through its geographic locations, but also by the staff it employs. The Bank owes much of its success to the thousands of highly qualified professionals world-wide, constituting the backbone of our solid name.

The Bank is an equal opportunity employer. It employs over 6,700 employees worldwide from various backgrounds, and ethnic origins. Women constitute around 37% of Arab Bank's community worldwide.

While we view diversity as our strength, we also place strong emphasis on the educational qualifications of our professionals. Approximately 77% of our staff holds a graduate and postgraduate university degree, making our working environment a constant challenge for everyone and a source of comfort for our clients and partners.

We have always placed a high priority on staff training and we maintain training departments in all our countries of operation. Staff is offered the opportunity to upgrade both their professional and language skills and regularly attend both in-house training programs and courses offered by specialized institutions for banking and finance. Since 1985 we have been developing an integrated internal control mechanism with a clear line of accountability to ensure that our entire network meets the highest international standards of management.