Al Arabi Investment Company (AB Invest)

Al-Arabi Investment Group Company (AB Invest) is considered the Arab Bank’s investment banking arm in Amman, Jordan. It is one of the leading investment banking firms in the Levant region, providing the services of Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Brokerage and Equity Research.

AB Invest utilizes dependable resources in order to achieve the highest quality possible for research products, which have become the foundation for all of its work. The objective is to provide our clients with a demonstrably informed opinion of the investment opportunities, and associated risks currently existing in the area.

Formally known as the “Atlas Investment Group”, the firm was established in 1996 as the first independent investment banking firm in Jordan. It pioneered integrated investment banking services in both Jordan and Palestine, and its partnerships with the region’s leading investment banking firms provide a rich regional network to better serve its clients.

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