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Arab Bank and The King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) under which Arab Bank will support the” Back to School” Program at KHCF for the academic year of 2017-2018.

The MoU was signed by Mrs. Nisreen Qatamesh, KHCF General Director and Mr. Tareq Haj Hasan, Senior Vice President - Head of Branding at Arab Bank.

Mrs. Qatamesh expressed her gratitude to Arab Bank, saying: “Arab Bank has always been the first to take on noble initiatives and the Bank continues to provide its valuable support to the Center’s patients. Through this   initiative the young patients will have the opportunity to pursue their education during their long courses of treatment at KHCC.”

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Tareq Haj Hasan said “Arab Bank’s continuous cooperation with KHCF reflects the Bank’s belief in the mission and active role undertaken by KHCF in combating cancer. “He added: “This initiative comes as part of the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, and aims at supporting KHCF's efforts in providing the highest quality healthcare to the largest number of patients, especially children, ensuring their continued access to basic education during their courses of treatment at the Center.”

“Back to School” program is one of KHCF's programs that aim to enable pediatric patients to continue their education while receiving treatment at the Center through the assignment of two teachers from the Ministry of Education to teach children. More importantly, the program helps those children to regain their self-confidence and sense of normality.

Aug 27, 2017
Arab Bank Supports “Back to School” Program at King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center

Arab Bank and the Jordan Air Ambulance Center have renewed their cooperation agreement for a second consecutive year. The aim of the agreement is to support the Center in achieving its goal of raising the standard of medical services available in the Kingdom. The renewal of the agreement for a second year highlights Arab Bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Arab Bank will continue to support the Jordan Air Ambulance Center in all its services, including moving injured persons aerially from remote locations to specialized medical centers, through search and rescue missions using helicopters. This will ensure better treatment in emergency situations.

Mr. Tareq Haj Hasan, Senior Vice President and Head of Branding at Arab Bank stated: “The renewal of this agreement comes as part of Arab Bank’s corporate social responsibility and reflects its belief in JAAC’s mission and the special role it plays in medical air evacuation for emergency cases in remote areas.  This humanitarian mission was manifested through the several critical cases which the center handled successfully last year.”

Rami Amoush JAAC, CEO expressed his appreciation for the private sector support of humanitarian centers which will result in widening the base of those who have access to these medical services. He added: “We are proud of our relationship with a leading institution such as Arab Bank. This cooperation is an example of a successful corporate social responsibility program. It also embodies the constructive partnerships built with the private sector in order to provide our citizens with access to life-saving medical services.”

The Jordan Air Ambulance Center was launched in 2014 by a Royal directive, with a trained and professional crew, and two helicopters fully equipped and capable of covering the entire Kingdom. This service ensures that Jordanians and residents have access to air-lifting in case of emergencies 24 hours a day, all week long; summarized by JAAC’s slogan “On a Mission to Save Lives”. Over the past two years, JAAC has saved the lives of more than sixty people, thanks to its ability to provide comprehensive pre-hospital emergency and critical care swiftly to those in need.

Aug 1, 2017
Arab Bank Renews its Collaboration Agreement with Jordan Air Ambulance Center