Coinciding with International Volunteer Day, Arab Bank honors volunteers in its "Together" Corporate Social Responsibility Program

09 Dec, 2012

In recognition of the significant role played by volunteers in the Bank’s ‘Together’ corporate social responsibility program and coinciding with the International Volunteer Day which was approved by the United Nations in 1985, Arab Bank held on Thursday, December 6th, 2012, at the head office building, a special ceremony under the patronage of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nemeh Sabbagh, in which a number of volunteers who have participated in a range of activities and initiatives aimed at serving the community in many areas were honored for their efforts.

Through his speech on this occasion, Mr. Sabbagh expressed his deep pride and appreciation for the volunteers’ time and effort in serving the community within the framework of the Bank’s corporate social responsibility program, “Together” which covers four main areas: poverty alleviation and the fight against hunger, environmental protection, orphan support and education, and health. Mr. Sabbagh emphasized that Arab communities urgently need to further develop plans that aim at building social responsibility programs and promoting participation in such programs. Mr. Sabbagh stressed the importance of taking the lead in this matter and pushing the voluntary work at a faster pace. He also pointed out that Arab Bank’s program "Together” for corporate social responsibility puts all that at the heart of its priorities, making it one of the leading programs among banks both on the local and regional levels.”

Mr. Tareq Haj Hasan - Senior Vice President, Head of Branding at Arab Bank said, "Every year, the initiatives and activities of the ‘Together’ program witnesses increasing interest by our employees; the participation rate increased this year compared to the previous year by (14%); when more than 350 employees took part in 672 voluntary activities among 32 community-based initiatives that the Bank had adopted impacting approximately (13,135) beneficiaries in all parts of the Kingdom. These figures reflect our employee awareness on the importance of the major role the ‘Together’ program plays in serving the local community.”

It is also worth mentioning that the "Together" corporate social responsibility program is not limited to employee volunteering, but also provides the Bank's customers with the opportunity to support the non-profit organizations participating in the program through the Bank’s different channels, including: Internet banking service "Arabi Online", telephone banking service "Hala Arabi", in addition to the contributions that could be made in the different branches and ATMs spread across the Kingdom. Moreover, the “Together” Platinum card issued by the Bank automatically adds a small percentage of the customer’s monthly bill as a donation, then is matched by the Bank and distributed equally to the program’s participating non-profit organizations.

At the end of the ceremony, the honored volunteers expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation of the recognition they received from the Bank. The volunteers also expressed their continued commitment to participate in future activities which aim to develop the community and assist in the achievement of economic and social growth.