Arab Bank participates in Exchange Tourism program with Zikra Initiative

10 Apr, 2012

As part of Arab Bank’s corporate social responsibility program, Together, employees recently participated in Zikra Initiative’s Exchange Tourism activity at the Dead Sea’s Ghor Al Mazra’a area.

The Exchange Tourism process is an interactive program between the urban and rural community whereby visitors participate and experience Jordan’s heritage and roots through interactive workshops led by the local community. Proceeds from the participation fees are channeled into different economic and social development projects for the area.

Nineteen Arab Bank employees participated with the direction of Zikra Initiative’s staff. Arab Bank employees had the opportunity to experience traditional techniques for making eyeliner, henna, Kuffieh tassels and basket weaving in addition to cooking ‘Gallayet Bandora’, making bread (shrak) and wire cars made from recycled material.

Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding at Arab Bank commented, “Our participation through the Together program reflects the Bank’s emphasis on the importance of initiatives such as Zikra’s which create an innovative and effective tourism exchange program that support communities like Ghor Al Mazra’a. Jordan has many areas and communities which can greatly benefit from such programs.”

Ms. Shoman further added, “This program is beneficial on many levels, besides supporting the microloan fund and sustaining a steady income for these families, it is also an opportunity for both visitors and hosts to engage and learn from each other.”

Mr. Rabee’ Zureikat, founder and director of the Zikra Initiative said, “We are proud of Arab Bank’s participation and their continuous support for youth programs in general and Zikra Initiative’s program in particular.”

Mr. Zureikat continued, “It is through the Corporate Exchange Tourism program and within the philosophy of the initiative based on the principle of ‘exchange instead of donation’, employees of Arab Bank participated in this interactive experience where everybody learned and contributed in an equation of equality and mutual respect.”

Through the revenues derived from the trip, 17 people from Ghor Al-Mazra’a community benefited directly, in addition to financing various development programs of the initiative in the area.