Arab Bank Supports Traffic Department’s Campaign to Promote Road Safety

13 Sep, 2011

As part of Arab Bank’s commitment towards the local community, the Bank supported the Traffic Department’s "Madrasati Farhati" campaign (My School, My Joy) which aims to promote road safety by teaching students fundamentals of how to properly cross the street and how to avoid dangerous situations on the road. It is noteworthy that this is the second consecutive year in which the Bank sponsors this initiative.

The “Madrasati Farhati” campaign covers all the governorates with a goal to reduce traffic accidents in the Kingdom by educating students effectively and at an early stage. The campaign will be implemented through awareness workshops, lectures and interactive sessions in addition to a booklet that will carry the campaign’s name which will be distributed to schools across the Kingdom.

The booklet, which Arab Bank has sponsored the production and distribution of 50,000 copies, provides students with guidelines and tips through interactive stories in a friendly medium to encourage safety when walking on the roads.

Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding at Arab Bank commented, “It is important to raise the awareness of children regarding traffic safety as a basis of preventing accidents.” Ms. Shoman elaborated, "Children’s safety is paramount and the more informed they are, the more the community as a whole can avoid accidents; this is a critical campaign being implemented by the Traffic Department and we are committed to supporting such initiatives.”

Brigadier Adnan Mahmoud Fareeh, Head of the Traffic Department, said, “Reducing traffic accidents is a shared responsibility which relies on a joint effort by the private and public sector in order to make a positive impact in the Kingdom.” Mr. Fareeh further explained, “This cooperation between the public and private sectors is in line with the Royal vision and will be an effective means of reaching our goals.”

It is worth mentioning that Arab Bank provides continuous support to various local programs that aim to bolster education in Jordan as part of its sustainability direction.