Jordan River Foundation (JRF) and Arab Bank support four community based organizations in Maan

29 May, 2011

In cooperation with Arab Bank, the Jordan River Foundation will embark on supporting four local community based organizations in the city of Maan, aiming to launch income generating projects for the benefit of the local community; the agreements were signed between both parties on May 23rd, 2011 in Al Husseinyeh Maan.

Arab Bank, which has previously launched a development fund initiative, expressed interest in cooperating with the Jordan River Foundation and allocated JD 148,000 to be employed as a revolving loan fund, to provide working opportunities and create projects in the poverty pocket areas of Maan and Zarqa.

This cooperation is in line with the Bank’s commitment towards corporate social responsibility which aims to support the local community, building their capacities and creating a local funding source to support the establishment of income generating projects, accordingly contributing to the national efforts in raising living standards all over the Kingdom, a response to a call by his Majesty King Abdullah II , to take serious steps to support citizens against the current difficult economic situation.

Engineer Ghaleb Al Qudah, JRF Deputy Director, General, Director of Jordan River Community Empowerment Program , explained that four community based organizations will benefit from this partnership; Tal Burma Agriculture Cooperative Society, Hashmeya Women Charitable Society, Muriegha Women Charitable Society and Al Hussainyeh Youth Club. This collaboration will enhance the participation of the local community, as the cooperatives will manage the revolving loan fund services to support the establishment of different projects that will help in providing steady income to support the community.

According to Eng. Al Qudah, revolving loan funds play an instrumental role in the economic cycle and create a friendly environment for nurturing income generating projects. The goal of these projects is to increase the income of the beneficiaries and create employment opportunities while JRF works with the cooperatives on building their capacities, enabling them to provide economic and development projects to serve their communities.

Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding at Arab Bank said that this initiative is a continuation of the commitment Arab Bank has made to support local communities and work as a true partner to achieve sustainable social development and alleviate the difficult conditions imposed by the current economic realities.

The cooperation between the Jordan River Foundation and Arab Bank is another successful example of private sectors participation in the developmental process, which comes in harmony with the national efforts of the government, civil society organizations, and private sector to serve Jordanians all over the Kingdom, transforming the involvement of the private sector from financial supporters to become partners in institutionalizing developmental programs.