Arab Bank & INJAZ together…Serving the Local Community

23 Jan, 2011

During a ceremony held at Arab Bank’s headquarters in Amman recently, Arab Bank and INJAZ signed a Memorandum of Understanding to renew participation in the Area Adoption Program which involves sponsoring five schools in Al-Nuzha for 2011. The ceremony, which was also a commemoration of the Bank’s previous work with Injaz, highlighted the accomplishments and progress made through the collaboration during the previous year.

The MoU was signed by Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding at Arab Bank and Ms. Deema Bibi, CEO of INJAZ for the Creation of Economic Opportunities for the Jordanian Youth, in front of an audience of Injaz and Arab Bank staff. The Bank employees who volunteered last year with Injaz were thanked for their commitment by both Ms. Shoman and Ms. Bibi during the opening speeches and received plaques of recognition for their support.

Ms. Bibi expressed her faith in the potential of Jordanian youth and gratitude to the Arab Bank that contributes in the economic advancement of the Jordanian youth. From her side, Ms. Shoman emphasized the important role of the private sector in sustainable development and the Arab Bank’s belief that Jordanian youth can significantly contribute to the advancement of the Jordanian economy in the present and the future.

Ms. Shoman further added, “Our agreement with Injaz has proved to be quite fruitful last year as we have made considerable strides in supporting Jordanian youth and continuing in 2011 only reaffirms our commitment. Injaz is the right partner for this endeavor and this marks the beginning of what we hope to be another successful year.”

The MoU includes adopting five schools (Golden Package), carrying out Career Month, and sponsoring eight Leadership courses with their projects within Al-Nuzha area in the following schools: Al-Nuzha School for Boys 1, Al-Nuzha School for Boys 2, Al-Nuzha School for Girls 1, School of Imam Malik and Al-Quds School.

In 2010, Arab Bank sponsored four schools in Jabal Al Nassar area and conducted several activities throughout the year. Arab Bank’s agreement with Injaz wasn’t just limited to adopting schools, but many other programs like Student Company projects and Job Shadowing were conducted with positive feedback received from both students and employees.