Arab Bank Employees Spend Fun-Filled Day with Orphans from Al Hanan House

26 Sep, 2010

Arab Bank employees recently accompanied orphans from Al Hanan house to Harraneh and Amra castles and the Azraq Wetland Reserve for a day filled with educational activities and games in an effort to connect with the orphans and increase their awareness of environmental issues. Thirty one employees, escorting 21 orphans, participated in this outing under the Bank’s corporate social responsibility program, Together.

Al-Aman Fund, which supports orphaned youth, along with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) which preserve’s Jordan’s natural heritage, both collaborated with Arab Bank to make this trip possible for the Irbid based, all girls orphanage. Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding at Arab Bank commented, “Connecting with orphans and integrating them into our community is essential for the greater society. This outing was both an outreach program as well as an educational initiative to expose these children to environmental issues, ultimately empowering them to take part in protecting nature.”

After visiting the national heritage sites of Harraneh and Amra castles, the employees and children stopped at the Azraq Wetland reserve, an oasis and resting point for migrating birds, which was adopted by Arab Bank and rehabilitated. At the reserve, the children watched birds and studied bird migratory maps; they also played educational board games, made magnetic birds and participated in an environment trivia game. The orphans and employees also enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Al-Aman Fund and RSCN are part of the Together program and can be supported through the Bank’s channels as well as the Together Platinum credit card. This program aims to support orphans, environment, education, healthcare and the eradication of poverty.