Injaz Commemorates Arab Bank’s Commitment to Jordan’s Youth

06 Jun, 2010

In an event organized by Injaz to commemorate Arab Bank’s commitment for its program and the success of its activities, six schools with a combined total of 200 students from around the Kingdom gathered at the Crown Plaza hotel recently. These six schools that were adopted by Arab Bank through its corporate social responsibility program, Together, in which the Bank provided support through a variety of activities that included: job shadowing, career month and school and company courses.

During the ceremony, a representative from each school described their experience with the audience. Some of the schools did sketches to act-out what they had learned during the program while others sang. Some schools did a Power Point presentation for the audience. The students shared ideas with each other in an effort to reinforce their time spent with Arab Bank volunteers.

The event was attended by Mr. Tareq Haj Hasan, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Arab Bank along with 20 Arab Bank employees who were volunteers from the program. Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Haj Hasan said, “Seeing the students today and listening to their testimonials really puts our work and partnership with Injaz in perspective. When we set out to support Injaz in their cause we wanted to have significant and sustainable impact, and I think with these students, we have accomplished just that.”

The event was also attended by Injaz CEO, Mrs. Dima Bibi, who said, “Jordanian youth have a lot of potential and can accomplish great things.” She also thanked the students, their schools’ administrations, and their families in addition to Arab Bank. “The importance of the private sector’s role in sustainable development and the faith in Jordanian youth plays an active role in the present and the future of the Jordanian economy.”

Earlier this year Arab Bank signed an agreement with Injaz under the Bank’s Together program that witnessed the implementation of a job shadowing day, a career month and the execution of a school and a company courses. The total number of beneficiary students is around 2,000 and the total number of Arab Bank volunteers to date has reached 90.