Together With RSCN Arab Bank Supports the Conservation of Azraq Wetland Reserve

10 Mar, 2010

As part of Arab Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, Together, and in collaboration with The Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (RSCN), Arab Bank employees visited the Azraq Wetland Reserve in late-February and early-March in an effort to support the conservation of the area.

Azraq Wetland Reserve, about 120 km east of Amman, is a unique wetland located in the heart of the arid Eastern Desert. The reserve spans an area of 12 square meters and contains several pools, a seasonally flooded marshland, and a large mudflat. A wide variety of birds visit the reserve each year, stopping for a rest along their migration routes, staying for the winter, or breeding within the protected areas of the wetland.

Arab Bank’s support for the environment has led to its collaboration with RSCN to protect the natural habitat and stopover point of migratory birds, as well as maintain the reserve’s bird watching and ecotourism facilities.

On February 19th and March 5th 2010, Arab Bank employees took matters into their own hands as they spent the days priming and repainting the boardwalk, planting trees, cleaning the water channel, as well as cutting dry reeds growing in the water around the wooden trails to prevent them from covering the water surface. Several additional visits have been planned for Arab Bank staff to continue their work in the reserve.

Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding commented, “Environmental protection and nature conservation is a subject that is dear to Arab Bank; we are committed to the environmental health of our community, and this aspect of the Together program allows our employees to directly participate in the protection of Azraq Wetland Reserve.” She further elaborated, “Together isn’t just limited to our employees; customers can now pitch-in and donate via our banking channels and a special credit card to five non-profits such as RSCN to help them in their efforts to serve the community.”

“RSCN is very grateful to Arab Bank for their support and initiative to help sustain our conservation efforts in Jordan. I am hopeful that they will serve as a positive example to other corporations, inspiring others to serve our community and support worthy causes, such as nature protection” added Yehya Khaled, RSCN Director General.

Ms. Shoman concluded, “We appreciate RSCN’s cooperation in the Together program and dedication to their cause. Azraq Wetland Reserve is one of many national treasures in the Kingdom which we must all put the effort to conserve.”

RSCN is a non-profit non-governmental organization devoted to the protection and care of Jordan’s wild plants, animals and natural landscapes. RSCN manages Jordan’s nature reserves which include Dana Biosphere Reserve, Mujib Nature Reserve, Ajloun Forest Reserve, Dibeen Forest Reserve, Azraq Wetland Reserve, and Shaumari Wildlife Reserve.

Wild Jordan is the division of RSCN responsible for socio-economic projects, including all eco-tourism and handicraft enterprises that link the protection of nature with the improvement of the livelihoods of local communities.