Together for the Better, A Recipe for Successful Community Service

17 Sep, 2009

Fifty eight Arab Bank employees volunteered their time and efforts on Friday and Saturday, September 11 and 12, 2009 at Tkiyet Um Ali (TUA) kitchens in Sahaab. Under the Together campaign, which is a large multi-dimensional corporate social responsibility program, the employees packed 3,430 food packages to be delivered to Mawaed Al Rahmans’ tents throughout the country.

“Tkiyet Um Ali is a successful and effective initiative, one which we are proud to support,” said Mr. Abdel Hamid Shoman, Chairman and CEO of Arab Bank. “Tkiyet Um Ali, since its launch, has served more than 50,000 people, and with the communities support and their efforts it will continue to build on that number.”

According to Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President Branding, who was present during this activity, “The Together campaign has had much success in mobilizing our employees and promoting volunteerism and citizenship. It was great to witness their enthusiasm and team spirit. The employees truly did work together for the better.”

According to Mohammad Armouti, Project Manager at Tkiyet Um Ali, “Arab Bank employees were one of the hardest working teams ever to volunteer at Tkiyet Um Ali. They worked with such enthusiasm, and more importantly they worked together as a team to be able to pack so much food.”

Some of the employees who volunteered were vocal about their experience. Ghada Bahous, Senior Vice President Operations, commented, “Helping disadvantaged families and providing them with much needed food supplies during the holy month of Ramadan gave me a great sense of fulfillment as well as appreciation. I also enjoyed being part of a team effort.” Majdi Mustafa, Human Resource Officer, added, “It was a great opportunity for us to show concern and care for others, working closely with my colleagues was a treat.”

Arab Bank is also sponsoring a Ramadan tent in Irbid in collaboration with Tkiyet Um Ali. The tent has been set up for the entire month. The tent provides 200 Iftar meals a day to families in the surrounding areas. Arab Bank employees from Irbid branch have volunteered on September 15 to distribute food at that tent.

TUA is considered to be the first NGO in Jordan to serve hot meals and provide humanitarian aid on a daily basis to the poor and needy in the Jordanian society in all locations. TUA’s goal is for “A hunger-free Jordan by 2015” and is aligned with Arab Bank’s goals to support the communities in which it operates. Besides monetary donations, the program’s goal also aims to increase volunteerism. “Time can sometimes be more valuable than money,” added Ms. Shoman.

Through partnerships with different non-profit organizations, whose efforts range from education to the environment, the Arab Bank’s movement, Together, aims to promote collaboration, volunteerism and citizenship.